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Entrima has developed and maintains a comprehensive curriculum. It consists of 50 courses, 400 modules, 7000 minutes of video and hundreds of micro learnings.

Unlimited Access: A Licence to Learn 
In order to access our learning platform you require a licence. The licence “Unlimited Access” provides you access 24/7 – 365 to all learning services. This includes courses, modules, video lessons, tests, other study materials, plus numerous micro-learnings. We offer this licence to individuals at a very cost-effective rate. For groups the price is discounted even more. 

All courses include examination & certification. Most courses at offered at various levels, allowing for continuous professional development.

Licensing for Companies 
Entrima offers licensing packages for companies. If you are interested in buying a number of licences please refer to our website www.entrima.org and use the order form to acquire your licences.

This product contains

Entrima - Learning Materials

All the learning materials of Entrima

Entrima - Examination & Certification

All the exams & certificates of Entrima